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Magic Pens

Magic Pens

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The Magic Pens set offers hours of creative fun for children, fostering both quality time and imaginative expression. Here's a detailed guide on how to use them:


  • Encourages creativity and fine motor skill development.
  • Stimulates sensory exploration in a hands-on way.
  • Provides screen-free entertainment for children.

User Manual:

  1. Prepare Materials: Gather a bowl of cold water, a clean towel, and the magic markers and spoon from the kit.
  2. Prep the Spoon: Wipe the spoon with a dry, clean towel to ensure it's free of any moisture.
  3. Draw Patterns: Use the magic markers to draw the desired patterns or designs on the spoon's surface.
  4. Allow Drying: Wait a few seconds for the ink to completely dry on the spoon.
  5. Submerge in Water: Slowly immerse the spoon with the drawn patterns into the bowl of water.
  6. Watch Magic Happen: As the spoon enters the water, the drawing will magically separate from the spoon's surface and float on the water's surface.

With this simple process, children can enjoy the wonder of seeing their creations come to life in a magical and interactive way, all while engaging their imagination and manual dexterity.

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