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Magic Cube Smoke Eliminator

Magic Cube Smoke Eliminator

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Break the mold with this creative and stylish smoke eliminator. The Magic Cube Smoke Eliminator is zinc alloy grinder that is shaped like a cube. It has four layers that are each a different color. This unique grinder is perfect for those who want to add a touch of personality to their smoking experience. The colors and patterns on the grinder are eye-catching and add an element of fun. But this grinder is not just all style and no substance. It also grinds tobacco perfectly, so you can enjoy a smooth smoking experience every time. Whether you're looking for a cool conversation starter or a functional grinder, the Magic Cube Smoke Eliminator is the perfect choice.


Name: Magic Cube Smoke Eliminator
Material: Plastic zinc alloy
Product Weight: 155g (without packaging),165g (with packaging)
Product Size: inner diameter 52 * MM (height 58mm)

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